facebookgoogle2The majority of people who are doing online advertising are budgeting most of their ad spend on SEO and Google Adwords. If you are not familiar with Google Adwords, it is the little ads that you see in search results and are referred to as PPC or Pay Per Click advertising. This simply means that your ad might show up 1,000 times and it might get clicked 10 times. And you only pay for those 10 clicks. This is a great way to advertise online if you have a good management team behind you.

Let’s talk quickly about why you might be paying too much.  In most cases a manager of Adwords is paid based on the overall budget or spend of your ad dollars.  So there is a tendency to be advertising for a broad range of search terms that don’t necessarily benefit you.  This can also cause clicks that are not correctly targeted and therefore cost you money that you shouldn’t be spending.

If done correctly, Adwords is a great advertising tool.  And depending on your type of business, it can benefit you even if you don’t get clicks.  For instance, if you are a dentist then most people looking for a new dentist are looking for local dentists and they want to find out where they are and what their phone number is.  So they may not ever click on the ad, but if the ad is set up correctly – it will show your address and your phone number and act like a classified ad.  In some case we will have a combination of ads that we want to get clicks on and specific ads that we want to stand alone and not get clicks on.  It might sound counter-intuitive, but it works.  However – that’s not the secret!

Are you doing Facebook advertising?  You don’t even need a Facebook page!  The initial Facebook advertising options weren’t very good.  But times have changed.  We love to take on new clients that have been spending X amount of money on Adwords and take half that budget or even less, and put it into Facebook advertising.  In most cases we double or triple exposure very quickly.  The power of Facebook advertising is the ability to target a very specific demographic.  The tools available to us as managers is very extensive and gives us great options.  Here is a great example.  We created an online video to promote a company/product.  We paid Facebook to integrate the video (which plays automatically, when shown on the end-users screen, which increases engagement).  We targeted a very select group of people that we knew would be interested in this video.  The estimated cost per video view was 1 cent.  One penny to get someone to watch a video that they were interested in!  Obviously results can vary based on your business and the management team you have building the right tools to get user engagement and pointing them in the direction you need them pointed, but the power of Facebook advertising along with Google Adwords and of course the trifecta of SEO is very powerful and should be on your list for 2016!  If you’re already doing this, congratulations!  You’re ahead of your competition! If not, I suggest you jump on it!

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