If you are looking for an original website to stand out from the crowd of template-style dental websites, we can help. The problem with most dental websites is that they are built by companies that take on a large number of dentists as clients, and those companies simply copy and paste content from one dental site to the next. 

When that happens, not only is your website not representing you, your practice, and your treatment philosophy, your online presence is being hurt as well. Unique content is prioritized by Google and other search engines. When your site contains content that is duplicated all over the internet, the search engines essentially penalize you, and your site won’t show up as high in organic search results.

At Goldspace, owners Hallie Shepherd and Eric Colley will work with you to create a new design and updated content for your dental website. Hallie, who has a B.A. in English, will tailor your content so it is original, captures your treatment philosophy, fits your target market, and focuses on the services you specialize in. Hallie is the daughter of a Kois Center Mentor and a retired dentist, and she spent her high school summers working at the front desk of her dad’s dentist office. Eric, who has a degree in marketing, will work with you on the design components to give your website a fresh look that is representative of your practice and philosophy.

Limited Dentist Clients: We work with dentists that are at the top of their field, many of whom are KOIS CENTER trained dentists. We limit how many dentists per city/area we work with when it comes to marketing. Contact us now to see if your area is still available.

If you’d like to see testimonials from our happy clients, please ask us!